Best Tutorial to learn MAN Network: 5 Ch Computer Networking

MAN network stands for Metropolitan Area Network , A network that connects a city to a network is called man network.
The range of this network is more than the LAN network and less than the WAN network.


  • Man is a network that connects a city to a network. For example, suppose that an organization in a city has many small branches at different places and the network through which All these small branches are connected to their head office, that network is called MAN network.
  • Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) is similar to a LAN network but its range is more than LAN, its range covers a city. Whereas LAN is limited to one building.
  • MAN network is formed by connecting multiple LAN’s
  • MAN Network is a medium-sized network. Because MAN network is bigger than LAN network and smaller than WAN network.
  • Metropolitan area Network Work is on the Data Link Layer.
  • Speed ​​range in MAN network is in TEARM of MBPS.

Types Of Topologies That MAN Network Use

Bus topology IN network topology : –

network topology
Bus Topology In Computer Networking

In bus topology, a long cable to which all the computers are attached, through this long cable our data travels to all the nodes. And this cable is called a single communication channel.

Advantages of Bus Topology :-

  1. In this type of topology, it is easy to add or delete a computer / node.
  2. We only need cables.
  3. We can make this network in very less money.
  4. This network broadcasts the message to all the connected computer’s.
  5. It is very easy to maintain it.
  6. If a computer fails due to some reason, it does not affect the entire network, that is, there is no interruption in the network.

Disadvantages Of bus topology:-

  1. If this long cable gets damaged due to some reason then the whole network gets spoiled.
  2. In this network we cannot send message privately.
  3. This network takes a lot of time to transmit a message from one node to another.
  4. We can increase the cable length to some limited size (we can do this network for small area only).
  5. In this network, data can only move in one direction at a time.

MAN NETWORK use Ring Topology IN network topology :-

Ring Topology In Computer networking

In this type of topology, the nodes are connected to each other by adjacent sides, due to this connection, this network forms a closed loop or this circle type, hence it is called ring topology.

Advantages of Ring Topology: –

  1. This topology makes a very good network because each computer is connected to its adjacent or adjacent side computer.
  2. Each node / computer can share data with any connected computer in this type of topology.
  3. In this topology, the data transfer happens very quickly.
  4. Even within this topology, there is paas in all of the data.

Disadvantages of Ring Topology:-

  1. Adding a new node is difficult.
  2. In such a way that even in topology, we cannot send data privately. Because this topology shares every single message in every node.
  3. If there is any failure in one node connection then the whole network fails.

Star Topology IN network topology :-

Star Topology in computer networking

Such that in the topology all the nodes/computers are connected to a central device which is called hub.So all the data in this topology can be shared only through hub.

Advantages Of Star Topology:-

  1. In this topology also we can broadcast or send data, it also sends the message to all the connected nodes.
  2. Due to the need for fewer cables, we can also make these topologies at a low cost.
  3. In this topology we can add or remove new node/computer very easily.

Disadvantage Of Star Topology:-

  1. To make Star Topology we need a network device. We cannot create this topology without a network device.
    Network Device :- Hub, Switch, Router etc.
  2. In this strategy, we cannot transfer data directly from one node to another, we can send data through network devices, which is a time consuming process.
  3. If there is any failure in our hub then the whole network / topology fails.
  4. In this also we cannot send the message privately.

Mesh Topology IN network topology :-

mesh topology in network topology

In this topology, every node is directly connected to each node, so we can share our data directly in the destination computer.
This is called our best topology.

advantages of Mesh Topology:-

  1. This is a very good topology for sending private messages.
  2. If one of the nodes connected in this topology fails, then it does not affect the other nodes. That is, there is no effect on the entire network.
  3. More than one node can send and receive messages at a time.

Disadvantages of Mesh Topology:-

  1. In this way, adding a new computer or node to the topology is very difficult, because all the nodes are directly connected with each node.
  2. In this strategy, if there is a failure in any node, then neither we can retrieve any message from it nor can we send messages to it.

Hybrid Topology IN network topology :-

Exaple of Hybrid Topology

A network that is formed by using more than one topology in a network is called Hybrid Topology.
In other words, if we see a network in which more than one topology is made up, that type of network is called Hybrid Topology.

Tree Topology IN network topology :-

Tree Topology in network topology

The combination of bus and star topology is called tree topology. In such a way that the nodes in the topology are connected with each other node like branches of the tree.

Devices uses in This Network

  • Modem
  • Wire /Cable

Man Extend Up To 30 -40 km

Real Life Example Of MAN

  • Cable Tv Network in A City
  • Telephone Network providing High-speed DSL Lines

Computer networking Other Chapter’s

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