Best Tutorial to learn pan network Ch .4 computer networking

A Pan Network or personal area network is the smallest network A personal area network is a combination of three word’s “Personal ” ” Area” “Network” so first,

we understand the meaning of “personal ” personal is nothing but something that belongs to only me.

The Area is nothing but something that has a range.

The Network is A thing that connects some things into an organized system

pan network

by combining that three all things the definition of the personal area network is a network that has a range (10 meters to 30 Meters) that can cover an individual.

a network spanning an area of several meters around an individual is called a personal area network. we can send /share data through this network only when we are in the range of this network.

Types of devices that include in PAN network


purpose of PAN Network

in a personal area, a network is for personal use because it makes a network that can cover only a single person and it can be wired or wireless.
for example,

I want to transfer a movie to my phone from my laptop so to do this I can send it by data cable(this is a wired Network) or by Bluetooth (this is a wireless Network).
wireless, wired Mouse
Wireless, wired Keyboard, and so on …..

Range of PAN:-

10 meter to 30 Meter

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